Sunday, April 18, 2010

I have been working on more rolled lip bowls. They really appeal to me. I also started on some bells for wind chimes. Philippa's plate is on my to do list for this week. More pictures will be posted as it comes together.

I fired the kiln for the first time last night. I was completely nerve wracked. I went and purchased a fire extinguisher before turning it on just in case. (have I mentioned I don't like working with electricity) Everything worked, but I am not sure if it reached the proper temperature. Either my kiln sitter cone did not melt enough or I did not place it properly on the stilts, because it didn't kick off. I could not tell if my freestanding cones were bending through the peep holes because everything was the same shade of orange-red. It is OK for now. I think I will have to borrow Dad's thermometer gun thing to test the temperature when I do the glaze firing. At least that way I will know for sure that the proper temp was reached. I didn't hear any popping, so hopefully nothing exploded. The kiln is still too hot to open. The cool down period is the worst for impatient people. Although, waiting on a bisque load is not nearly as unbearable as waiting on a glaze load.