Saturday, June 19, 2010


After being around other creative people or in a creative atmosphere, I get the itch to be productive artistically. The trip to Wildflower Wax was just what I needed. The store reflects its owners. Looking around my home and my pottery, I just don't see an intimate reflection of Michael and myself. I have made a conscious decision to make our house and my work put forth a correct image of our hands.

These are some of the new pieces I have been working on this week. I have several pedestals to make. Here is one at the beginning stage.

A few small platters.......

A finished pedestal and large platters.......

Here's to a renewed focus and determination.

Girl's Night

Aimee and I were able to have a girl's night thanks to my wonderful husband. He kept all four kids while we went to Wildflower Wax to make candles. The store is perfectly funky.

Jennifer finishing the over pour for our mosaic candles. I chose Tahitian Spice for my scent. At least that is what I think it was called. The basement smells awesome and I haven't even lit it.

Besides candlemaking, they have a selection of vintage boots. I was highly disappointed to find none in my size. They also have leather purses, belts, jewelry and origonal art. My pocketbook was not deep enough to purchase all the things I wanted.
Take time to stop in and say hello. You won't be disappointed!

This is a look at my booth for CityFest. I would have loved to have had all the things from the explosion to add another table. But with no one buying, it wasn't a big deal.
Helena's Market Days was wonderful. I sold most of my pieces and received lots of positive feedback. Listening to the water falling from the dam made my desire to by Incahoots even more profound. It would make such a wonderful pottery and pub. I am looking forward to next weekend. Hopefully there will be a few clouds and a nice breeze to make the day bearable in this Alabama summer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last weekend I participated in Alabaster's CityFest. It was a HOT day and no one was purchasing anything. Standing on the asphalt was horrendous. I got water blisters on my shoulders and back. How I don't know. I was standing under a tent the whole time. I will post some picts later for my booth.

Today is my first time at The Helena Market Days. I will be attending this every other weekend through September. Thankfully I will be in a cooler place here.

Second and Third Firings

The first glaze firing went OK. I learned that if applied too thickly it will run. I also had a few sharp points show up. I will have to strain the entire batch to try to eliminate that from happening again.

I fired a second load of bisque. I felt constrained for time so I put in a piece or two that needed another day to ensure being bone dry. I paid for it. Every larger more intricate piece I made was blown to smithereens when the water in the not so dry pieces tried to escape. This was my first experience with kiln explosions. I am determined it will be my last.