Thursday, April 3, 2008

As I stripped wallpaper today (did I mention I hate stripping wallpaper) I meandered over the last week in my mind. Realization was the word that kept coming to the forefront.

I think I have finally figured out what my job is as wife and mother. And I think I have found a way to balance it all with my own self needs and wants.

I have recognized that my husband leans on me more than I acknowledged.

I have decided I need to lower my voice with my children instead of raise it.

I have set a goal for the end of the next week, for the month and for the summer.

I have decided that a clean house is a good house. And I am going to make every attempt to keep it that way.

Maybe I do like stripping wallpaper. . . . it turns out to be pretty cathartic.

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