Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Building a castle

We have decided to head to the coast in June. Our children have never seen the sands of the gulf. Yes, I know. What southerner does not make a trip to the coast at least once a year. We have been heading north on our vacations to the shores of a lake of the north woods to escape the humidity and heat of these southern summers.

On that note I am aspiring to lose some junk in my sagging trunk. I finally found some moves that really work the areas I'm trying to tone. It took a bit of trial and error, but I felt muscles I haven't felt in years this morning as I walked up the stairs. The pain was good. It meant I am on the right path leading to my goal.

I also searched colon cleansing today. A forewarning: don't venture there if you have just eaten. The testimonies are humorous but the photos are nauseating.

I have also started building my castles. Instead of writing out a bucket list or New Year's resolution, I have begun to set dates for goal acheivement. Included in this are breaking down all of the details. First I start with the castle or end result and work my way back to the beginning step by step. I imagine everything down to what I will be wearing at the exact moment my castle has been completed. It is a nice way to spend my days. Focusing on the future while I sort socks and referee light saber battles.

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