Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Since we have moved into our home in December 2007, we have seen 4 snowfalls. This is quite unusual for our deep south location. The forecasters are calling for 70 degree weather by the weekend. That's the south for you.

Gabriel had a great time throwing snowballs at his Dad. (And Dad had a great time too!)

Grace had to wear my gloves. She has two pair, but in the last week they seemed to have disappeared. She was dressing up she says. That means I will find them after she has outgrown them.

This was Sean's first time in the snow. He ran around the yard yelling "Snow! Snow!" He helped his Daddy make the big snowman.

The snow fell heavier after we came in from playing. Our little snowman became a fuzzy blob.
We had a wonderful snow day.

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Baker said...

Your kids are soo cute! You all got way more snow than we did but Baker wanted to play in it anyway!