Monday, July 26, 2010

The Plate

I have been working on a large plate for my SIL to go on top of her entertainment center. Her living room is two stories and she wanted a very large plate to go in the space. My first attempts were disastrous. Rolling out such a large piece of clay with a rolling pin proved fatal as the plate ended up in pieces as it cracked while air drying.

I made a bat. I had to remove the splash pan and stand to throw. It was HARD to do. I had no leverage as I usually use my hip to anchor my elbow while centering. But after lots of diligence and a sprained finger, I made it.

I added some texture using bits of hardware like screw heads
and sheet rock sand paper.

Hopefully it will make it through the bisque firing. I am worried about air bubbles.
I don't believe I will throw anything this large again. However, I have all kinds of ideas for textured plates. I am now on the search for an object to make a mold from. Something with a smooth bottom and a lip of an inch at least with a diameter of around 26 inches would be the optimum thing. Any ideas?

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melanie magee said...

this is very interesting. i like your ideas.. hope this makes it through the firing. your work looks hard and a sprained finger?

great work!