Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a quick update. The white stoneware that I have been using has been supposed to ship for over a week with no definite date in site. So after much debate, I settled for a "wheatstone". From my understanding it is a "wheat" version of the white I have been using. I was unable to pull up a sample on the manufacturer's site and decided to take the gamble on it. It looks a bit too red to be called "wheat". A little too late to be picky now.

I threw about fifty pounds today and boy are my arms feeling it. It was a joy to throw. Every piece, except for the last turned out just as I had hoped. By the time the last piece rolled around, I was feeling a bit like jelly. Looking around and surveying the aftermath of the day, I am a bit concerned that it might not all fit in the kiln. I will have to be very particular in my stacking. But that is a problem for next week. On to trimming tomorrow.

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