Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crazy Stopped By

I've come to realize that most people probably think I have lost my mind somewhere along the way. Which is to my advantage (maybe). I'm sure I'll forever be the crazy old aunt. But aren't those the best?

The DH left on an overnight work trip today. And I set the bar HIGH for things to be completed in 32 hours including sleep. About thirty minutes ago I finished painting the entire upstairs master bedroom including trim with the exception of cutting in around the ceiling. I hope to have that part finished, the floor steam cleaned, the bed moved in and to have a shower by 4pm at which time I will be leaving for the airport (I hope). I really want to have everything shifted around but that may just have to wait until Friday.

Send up some prayers that I find DH's wedding band when I move the bed. St. Anthony pray for us!

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