Monday, March 29, 2010

It is finally done. The wiring has been completed! Dad and I finished it up on a Sunday afternoon. I am very nervous about my first firing. I hope I don't short circuit the entire house. Electricity makes me nervous. I have all of my shelf supports in, waiting to be stacked. In about two weeks I should have enough greenware dry to make a full load.

I checked out the local art supply store for clay and got a nice surprise. They carried several bodies from Alligator Clay I had been on a limb about whether or not to make an order with them. Seems my choice was made for me. Although, there was only 50 lbs of white stoneware in stock. I was hoping to get at least 150 lbs. Next time, I may have to try out some speckled buff. I have an idea running around in my head, but I need to learn more about Mason stains before I dive in.

Philippa and I hashed out the ideas for her plate. I need to make a run to the hardware and fabric store before I can begin. If all turns out well, it will be a signiture piece.

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