Sunday, October 11, 2009

Becoming a Student Again

This is what happens when a potter stops throwing for two and a half years. They become first year students all over again. I had to reteach myself how to throw last night. Let's just say I was quite disgusted with the finished product. These will more than likely see the recycle tub.

Relax, don't pinch the clay. Pull to your nose not your shoulder. Have patience, follow through with your pull. Use your body not just your arms. And don't forget to breathe.

Tonight, I started over going slow with lots of patience and focus. I think I finally got back in a little bit of a groove. Grace couldn't keep her hands away from the wheel. She wanted to make a pot too. In due time little one.


Heather said...

These are beautiful! Of course, only you see the imperfections, but that is what drives an artist beyond themselves, which is why it how art is born. I'm glad to see you've found time to get back into it.

Jen said...

Thanks Heather!