Friday, June 14, 2013

I did it!

I finished most of what I set out to do this week. Most importantly I turned the grades into the admin. What a burden lifted! I can not procrastinate next year.

We planted peanuts Monday with Mama. Of course I had to go barefoot in the garden. It just makes me feel better. Earthing and all that. On a side note about feet, I finally purchased a new pair of flip flops. I still haven't brought myself to throw the old ones out. I had worn a hole through the heel. Slipping into them was like saying hello to old friends. We had walked many a mile together. It truly is hard to let go of something so familiar and broken in. Even if it is just a pair of flops.

I took a pile of bundles and envelopes to the post office.  Hopefully the recipients will see a belated gift as a pleasant surprise and not just a procrastinating aunt who has forgotten what day (or month) it is.

The kids and I had an unexpected pool date with some friends. They unanimously agreed that it was a "good day". My heart warms when I hear those words. I can only pray that those are the moments they remember. Instead of me in a conniption over something that didn't deserve the energy expended upon it.

I caught up with the SIL and BIL while watching a nephew's baseball game this afternoon. They braved five o'clock traffic to have dinner with us. Their youngest opted for a sleep over instead of sleeping on the hotel floor. Our crew was beside themselves to have a cousin stay. Usually we are the ones visiting them.

With the hubby being so busy this week, I think I can tackle the garage without causing too much chaos. First, I must organize. Then I can wade through the individual projects one at a time. Or at least that is the current plan. However, Catholic Kids Week may just be my undoing.

Until next Friday. Adieu. Adieu. Auf wiedersehen . Good night.

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